Troubleshoot Azure Migrate projects

This article helps you troubleshoot issues when creating and managing Azure Migrate projects.

How to add new project?

You can have multiple Azure Migrate projects in a subscription. Learn how to create a project for the first time, or add additional projects.

What Azure permissions are needed?

You need Contributor or Owner permissions in the subscription to create an Azure Migrate project.

Can't find a project

Finding an existing Azure Migrate project depends upon whether you're using the current or old version of Azure Migrate. Follow.

Can't find a geography

You can create an Azure Migrate project in supported geographies for public and government clouds.

What are VM limits?

You can assess up to 35,000 VMware VMs or up to 35,000 Hyper-V VMs in a single project. A project can include both VMware VMs and Hyper-V VMs, up to the assessment limits.

Can I upgrade old project?

Projects from the previous version of Azure Migrate can't be updated. You need to create a new project, and add tools to it.

Can't create a project

If you try to create a project and encounter a deployment error:

  • Try to create the project again in case it's a transient error. In Deployments, click on Re-deploy to try again.
  • Check you have Contributor or Owner permissions in the subscription.
  • If you're deploying in a newly added geography, wait a short time and try again.
  • If you receive the error, "Requests must contain user identity headers", this might indicate that you don't have access to the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant of the organization. In this case:
    • When you're added to an Azure AD tenant for the first time, you receive an email invitation to join the tenant.
    • Accept the invitation to be added to the tenant.
    • If you can't see the email, contact a user with access to the tenant, and ask them to resend the invitation to you.
    • After receiving the invitation email, open it and select the link to accept the invitation. Then, sign out of the Azure portal and sign in again. (refreshing the browser won't work.) You can then start creating the migration project.

How do I delete a project

Follow these instructions to delete a project. Note that when you delete a project, both the project and the metadata about discovered machines in the project are deleted.

Added tools don't show

Make sure you have the right project selected. In the Azure Migrate hub > Servers or in Databases, click on Change next to Migrate project (Change) in the top-right corner of the screen. Choose the correct subscription and project name > OK. The page should refresh with the added tools of the selected project.

Next steps

Add assessment or migration tools to Azure Migrate projects.