About Azure Networking MSP partners

The Azure Networking Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program enables network-services focused MSPs, Telcos, and Systems Integrators (SIs) to offer cloud and hybrid networking services centered around Azure's portfolio of networking products and services.

Azure Networking MSPs are a specialized set of managed service providers that address the enterprise cloud networking needs and challenges across all aspects of cloud and hybrid networking. The managed network services include one or more of the following services: network architecture, planning, deployment, operations, maintenance, and optimization.


Customers can purchase MSP-managed services offers in the Azure Marketplace, or directly from the MSP. MSPs can deploy and manage Azure networking resources in the customers' subscriptions and resource groups by using Azure Lighthouse.

Azure Marketplace offers by Azure Networking MSP partners

Use the links in this section for more information about managed cloud networking services offered by Azure Networking MSP partners. If your cloud network services partner is not listed in the section below, have the provider contact us. They can contact us by sending an email to ManagedVirtualWAN@microsoft.com.

MSP Cloud Network Transformation Services Managed ExpressRoute Managed Virtual WAN Managed Private Edge Zones Managed Security
ANS Group UK Azure Managed Services + ANS Glass 10 week implementation ExpressRoute & connectivity: Two week Assessment Azure Virtual WAN + Fortinet: Two week Assessment
Aryaka Networks Aryaka Azure Connect Aryaka Managed SD-WAN for Azure Networking Virtual
AXESDN AXESDN Managed Azure ExpressRoute AXESDN Managed Azure Virtual WAN
BT Network Transformation Consulting: 1-Hr Assessment;BT Cloud Connect Azure BT Cloud Connect Azure ExpressRoute BT Cloud Connect Azure VWAN
BUI a2zManaged Cloud Management BUI Managed Azure vWAN using VMware SD-WAN BUI CyberSoC
Coevolve Managed Azure Virtual WAN;Managed VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edge
Colt Network optimization on Azure: 2-hr Assessment
Deutsche Telekom Network connectivity to Azure: 2-Hr assessment; Cloud Transformation with Azure: 1-Day Workshop Managed ExpressRoute Azure Networking and Security: 1-Day Workshop; Intraselect SecureConnect: 1-Week Implementation
Equinix Cloud Optimized WAN Workshop ExpressRoute Connectivity Strategy Workshop; Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric
Federated Wireless Federated Wireless Connectivity-as-a-Service
HCL HCL Cloud Network Transformation- One Day Assessment 1-Hour Briefing of HCL Azure ExpressRoute Service HCL Azure Virtual WAN Services - One Day Assessment HCL Azure Private LTE offering - One Day Assessment
IIJ ExpressRoute implementation: 1-Hour Briefing ExpressRoute: 2-Week Implementation
Infosys Infosys Integrate+ for Azure
Interxion Azure Networking Assessment - Five Days
IX Reach ExpressRoute by IX Reach, a BSO company
KoçSistem KoçSistem Managed Cloud Services for Azure KoçSistem Azure ExpressRoute Management KoçSistem Azure Virtual WAN Management KoçSistem Azure Security Center Managed Service
Liquid Telecom Liquid Azure Expert Services Liquid Managed ExpressRoute for Azure
Lumen ExpressRoute Consulting Services: 8-Week Implementation; Lumen Landing Zone for ExpressRoute 1-Day
Macquarie Telecom Azure Managed Services by Macquarie Cloud; Azure Extend by Macquarie Cloud Services Azure Deploy by Macquarie Cloud Services; SD-WAN Virtual Edge offer by Macquarie Cloud Services Managed Security by Macquarie Cloud Services
Megaport Managed Routing Service for ExpressRoute
Netfosys Netfosys Managed Services for Azure vWAN
Nokia NBConsult Nokia Nuage SDWAN; Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 Azure Virtual WAN Nokia 4G & 5G Private Wireless (NDAC)
NTT Ltd Azure Cloud Discovery: 2-Week Workshop NTT Managed ExpressRoute Service;NTT Managed IP VPN Service NTT Managed SD-WAN Service
NTT Data Managed Services: 10-week Implementation
Oncore Cloud Services Enterprise Cloud Foundations: Workshop (~10 days) UniversalEdge for Azure ExpressRoute
OpenSystems Managed secure SD-WAN using Microsoft Azure
Orange Business Services ExpressRoute Network Study : 3-week implementation
Orixcom Orixcom Managed ExpressRoute Orixcom SD-WAN
Proximus Proximus Azure Services - Operational Framework
Servent Azure Advanced Networking – Five Day Assessment ExpressRoute – Three Day Assessment Azure Virtual WAN – Three Day Assessment
SoftBank Azure Network Consulting Service: 1-Week Assessment; Azure Assessment Service: 1-Week
TCTS Azure Migration: 3-Week Assessment
Tata Communications Managed Azure ExpressRoute Managed Virtual WAN
Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra End to End Managed Network Services Azure Private LTE MSP
Telia Azure landing zone: 5-Day workshops Telia Cloud First Azure vWAN Telia IoT Platform
Vigilant IT Azure Health Check: 3-Day Assessment
Vandis Managed NAC With Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager Vandis Managed ExpressRoute Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Fortinet; Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Palo Alto Networks; Managed VWAN Powered by Barracuda CloudGen WAN
Zertia ExpressRoute – Intercloud connectivity Enterprise Connectivity Suite - Virtual WAN; Manage Virtual WAN – SD-WAN Fortinet; Manage Virtual WAN – SD-WAN Cisco Meraki; Manage Virtual WAN – SD-WAN Citrix;

Azure Marketplace offers for Managed ExpressRoute, Virtual WAN, Security Services and Private Edge Zone Services from the following Azure Networking MSP Partners are on our roadmap: Amdocs; Cirrus Core Networks; Cognizant; InterCloud; KINX; OmniClouds; Sejong Telecom; SES;

ExpressRoute partners

For information about partners, see ExpressRoute partners and locations.

Virtual WAN partners

For information about partners, see Virtual WAN partners and providers.