Configure Windows Push Notification Service settings in the Azure portal

This article shows how to configure Windows Notification Service (WNS) settings for an Azure notification hub by using the Azure portal.


If you haven't already created a notification hub, create one now. For more information, see Create an Azure notification hub in the Azure portal.

Configure Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)

The following procedure describes the steps to configure Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) settings for a notification hub:

  1. In the Azure portal, on the Notification Hub page, select Windows (WNS) on the left menu.

  2. Enter values for Package SID and Security Key.

  3. Select Save.

    Screenshot that shows the Package SID and Security Key boxes

Next steps

For a tutorial with step-by-step instructions for sending push notifications to Universal Windows Platform applications by using Azure Notification Hubs and Windows Push Notification Service (WNS), see Send notifications to UWP apps by using Azure Notification Hubs.