Troubleshooting for Azure Red Hat OpenShift

This article details some common issues encountered while creating or managing Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

Retrying the creation of a failed cluster

If creating an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster using the az CLI command fails, retrying the create will continue to fail. Use az aro delete to delete the failed cluster, then create an entirely new cluster.

Hidden Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster resource group

Currently, the RedHatOpenShift/OpenShiftClusters resource that's automatically created by the Azure CLI (az aro create command) is hidden in the Azure portal. In the Resource group view, check Show hidden types to view the resource group.

Screenshot of the hidden type checkbox in the portal

Creating a cluster results in error that no registered resource provider found

If creating a cluster results in an error that No registered resource provider found for location '<location>' and API version '2019-04-30' for type 'openShiftManagedClusters'. The supported api-versions are '2018-09-30-preview'., then you were part of the preview and now need to purchase Azure virtual machine reserved instances to use the generally available product. A reservation reduces your spend by pre-paying for fully managed Azure services. For more information about reservations and how they save you money, see What are Azure Reservations?

Exceeding Azure storage limits

If requests are being throttled due to Azure storage limits being exceeded, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • There's a maximum of approximately 50 clusters per subscription ID + region. Create fewer than 50 clusters per subscription + region. For example: 25 clusters in subscription + eastus and 25 clusters in subscription + eastus2.
  • Avoid creating multiple clusters within a single subscription + region at the same time. If you need to create multiple clusters in a short period of time, federate over multiple subscriptions or regions.

If the issue persists please create a support ticket for investigation.

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