Change configuration for Azure Operator Insights ingestion agents

The ingestion agent is a software package that is installed onto a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) owned and managed by you. You might need to change the agent configuration.

In this article, you'll change your ingestion agent configuration and roll back a configuration change.


Update agent configuration


Changing the configuration requires restarting the agent. For the MCC EDR source, a small number of EDRs being handled might be dropped.  It is not possible to gracefully restart without dropping any data. For safety, update agents one at a time, only updating the next when you are sure the previous was successful.


If you change the pipeline ID for an SFTP pull source, the agent treats it as a new source and might upload duplicate files with the new pipeline ID. To avoid this, add the exclude_before_time parameter to the file source configuration. For example, if you configure exclude_before_time: "2024-01-01T00:00:00-00:00" then any files last modified before midnight on January 1, 2024 UTC will be ignored by the agent.

If you need to change the agent's configuration, carry out the following steps.

  1. Save a copy of the existing /etc/az-aoi-ingestion/config.yaml configuration file.
  2. Edit the configuration file to change the config values.
  3. Restart the agent.
    sudo systemctl restart az-aoi-ingestion.service

Roll back configuration changes

If a configuration change fails:

  1. Copy the backed-up configuration file from before the change to the /etc/az-aoi-ingestion/config.yaml file.
  2. Restart the agent.
    sudo systemctl restart az-aoi-ingestion.service

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