Tracking asynchronous operations using Azure CLI

Some Azure CLI operations are asynchronous. To track the status of an asynchronous operation, the operationStatuses resource can be used. Asynchronous commands can be run with a --debug flag enabled. When --debug is specified, the progress of the request can be monitored. The operation status URL can be found by examining the Azure-AsyncOperation or Location header on the HTTP response to the creation request.

... many lines of logged information ...

urllib3.connectionpool: "PUT /subscriptions/.../resourceGroups/.../providers/Microsoft.NetworkCloud/clusters/.../metricsConfigurations/default?api-version=2022-12-12-preview HTTP/1.1" 201 926 Response status: 201 Response headers:

... several lines of http headers of the response ...     'Azure-AsyncOperation': '*99399E995...?api-version=2022-12-12-preview'

... remaining http headers of the response and more lines of logging ...

Using the value from before:*99399E995...?api-version=2022-12-12-preview, an Azure CLI az rest call can be issued to retrieve the operation status.

az rest -m get -u "*99399E995...?api-version=2022-12-12-preview"

This request will return an operation status result that can be requeried using the same command until the status reaches a final state of Succeeded or Failed. At this point, the requested operation has ceased.

  "endTime": "2023-02-08T17:38:31.2042934Z",
  "error": {},
  "id": "subscriptions/.../providers/Microsoft.NetworkCloud/locations/EASTUS/operationStatuses/12312312-1231-1231-1231-123123123123*99399E995...?api-version=2022-12-12-preview",
  "name": "12312312-1231-1231-1231-123123123123*99399E995...",
  "properties": null,
  "resourceId": "subscriptions/.../resourceGroups/.../providers/Microsoft.NetworkCloud/clusters/.../metricsConfigurations/default?api-version=2022-12-12-preview",
  "startTime": "2023-02-08T17:38:24.7576911Z",
  "status": "Succeeded"