Azure Orbital Ground Station overview

With Azure Orbital Ground Station, your space data is delivered with near-zero latency to your Azure region over the secure and highly available Microsoft network. Azure Orbital Ground Station supports both Microsoft and industry leading Partner ground station networks, ensuring access to the best sites and networks to support your space missions. Deploying and operating a large, globally distributed ground station solution for your space mission can now be done with the reliability and flexibility of the cloud—at any classification level.

Diagram showing data flowing from a satellite, to Microsoft or Partner ground stations, and landing in the Azure cloud.

Product highlights

  • Self-service scheduling of spacecraft contacts to ingest data, monitor satellite health and status, or transmit commands to satellites.
  • The managed data path provides one-click access to a global network of ground stations and direct data ingestion into your private Azure virtual network.
  • Take advantage of integrated software modems from Kratos for X and S bands, or leverage virtual RF and GNU radio for unrestricted modem implementations.
  • Avoid building and managing ground station infrastructure and instead pay-as-you-go with any antenna in the global Azure Orbital network.
  • Space data are transmitted and managed securely, according to stringent compliance requirements.
  • Integrate command and control software with the Azure Orbital Ground Station API to manage fleet operations.

Next steps