What is the Azure Space Partner Community?

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. When it comes to space, we’re investing in building the tools that will allow every person and organization on Earth to realize the incredible potential of space.

We're a partner-led and ecosystem-focused platform. Our approach to space is multi-band, multi-vendor, and multi-orbit. Our thriving ecosystem of space partners allows for the most comprehensive and innovative offerings for our joint customers and the future of space computing.

Our differentiated ecosystem of partners spans space operators, manufacturers, systems integrators, data providers, analytics and AI ISVs, and more. These partners cover a breadth of capabilities like virtualization, data processing and insight, and ground infrastructure.

List of all Azure Space partners

Why join the Azure Space Partner Community?

We believe in a better together story for Space and Spectrum partners running on Azure. By joining the community, you can gain access to various benefits such as:

Co-innovation and engineering

The Azure Space Partner Community will have direct access to Azure engineering and specialist resources to turn our partnership vision into reality, including:

  • Participation in Azure Space training to learn about and onboard the latest Azure Space technologies.
  • Collaboration and innovation with our engineering and sales specialist teams for customer proof of concepts to demonstrate the value of our partnership.
  • Access to quarterly Azure Space Confidential roadmap reviews and newsletters, and ability to directly influence the produce roadmap.
  • Partner highlighting in reference architectures and training materials.

Go-to-market scale and support

Our Azure Space Partner Community will be able to increase their go-to-market opportunities and margins by participating in the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity for Microsoft first party product integration or add-ins, such as in Teams, Power BI, or Outlook.
  • White glove onboarding to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, to become a cloud solution provider or managed solution provider via direct or indirect channels.
  • Support onboarding to the Azure Marketplace as an indirect or transactable offer, with access to a broad set of Azure sellers and customers.
  • Joint go-to-market coordination with a regular cadence of customer pipeline reviews.

Marketing and community involvement

Azure Space provides a unique opportunity for our partners to expand their marketing through public outreach via our marketing channels, such as:

  • Opportunities to be showcased in Microsoft customer presentations and sales training
  • Participation in space and spectrum focused Microsoft events – such as BUILD, Inspire or sales readiness.
  • Joint public relations and marketing opportunities, such as press releases, blogs, and speaking events at conferences.

Product offering incentives

The Space Partner Community will also have special access to our premier incentives offered for Azure Space product offerings:

  • Azure credits, sponsored accounts, and volume discounts in return for Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment
  • EA Programs, such as LSPs and AOSG, including rebates based on resell volume
  • FastTrack dedicated migration and modernization architecture support for qualified opportunities
  • Many other MPN benefits, such as credits for gold competencies and partner marketing benefits via co-sell programs

Benefits of the Azure Space Community

Partner Requirements

To join the community, we ask partners to commit to:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement with Microsoft
  • Run solution(s) on Azure including Azure monetary commitment
  • Provide resourcing towards joint goals and engagements
  • Participate in quarterly business and GTM reviews with committed pipelines and metrics
  • Participate in joint marketing, customer stories, and events

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