Troubleshooting Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud solutions

This document contains information about troubleshooting your solutions that use Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud.

If you don't find an answer or can't resolve a problem, create a request through the Azure portal or contact Confluent support.

Can't find offer in the Marketplace

To find the offer in the Azure Marketplace, use the following steps:

  1. In the Azure portal, select Create a resource.
  2. Search for Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud.
  3. Select the application tile.

If the offer isn't displayed, contact Confluent support. Your Microsoft Entra tenant ID must be on the list of allowed tenants. To learn how to find your tenant ID, see How to find your Microsoft Entra tenant ID.

Purchase errors

  • The Microsoft.SaaS RP is not registered on the Azure subscription.

  • Plan cannot be purchased on a free subscription, please upgrade your account.

  • Purchase has failed because we couldn't find a valid payment method associated with your Azure subscription.

  • The Publisher does not make available Offer, Plan in your Subscription/Azure account’s region.

    • The offer or the specific plan isn't available to the billing account market that is connected to the Azure Subscription.
  • Enrollment for Azure Marketplace is set to Free/BYOL SKUs only, purchase for Azure product is not allowed. Please contact your enrollment administrator to change EA settings.

  • Marketplace is not enabled for the Azure subscription.

  • Plan by publisher is not available to you for purchase due to private marketplace settings made by your tenant’s IT administrator.

    • Customer uses private marketplace to limit the access of its organization to specific offers and plans. The specific offer or the plan weren't set up to be available in the tenant's private marketplace. Contact your tenant’s IT administrator.
  • The EA subscription doesn't allow Marketplace purchases.

    • Use a different subscription or check if your EA subscription is enabled for Marketplace purchase. For more information, see Enable Marketplace purchases.

If those options don't solve the problem, contact Confluent support.

Conflict error

If you've previously registered for Confluent Cloud, you must use a new email address to create another Confluent Cloud organization resource. When using a previously registered email address, you'll get a Conflict error. Re-register but this time with a new email address.

DeploymentFailed error

If you get a DeploymentFailed error, check the status of your Azure subscription. Make sure it isn't suspended and doesn't have any billing issues.

Resource isn't displayed

If the Overview or Delete blades for Confluent Cloud aren't displayed in portal, try refreshing the page. This error could be an intermittent issue with the portal. If that doesn't work, contact Confluent support.

If the Confluent Cloud resource isn't found in the Azure All resources list, contact Confluent support.

Resource creation takes long time

If the deployment process takes more than three hours to complete, contact support.

If the deployment fails and Confluent Cloud resource has a status of Failed, delete the resource. After deletion, try again to create the resource.

Offer plan doesn't load

This error could be an intermittent problem with the Azure portal. Try to deploy the offer again.

Unable to delete

If you're unable to delete Confluent resources, verify you have permissions to delete the resource. You must be allowed to take Microsoft.Confluent/*/Delete actions. For information about viewing permissions, see List Azure role assignments using the Azure portal.

If you have the correct permissions but still can't delete the resource, contact Confluent support. This condition might be related to Confluent's retention policy. Confluent support can delete the organization and email address for you.

Unable to use single sign-on

If SSO isn't working for the Confluent Cloud SaaS portal, verify you're using the correct Microsoft Entra ID email. You must also have consented to allow access for the Confluent Cloud software as a service (SaaS) portal. For more information, see the single sign-on guidance.

If the problem persists, contact Confluent support.

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