Configure environment before Datadog - An Azure Native ISV Service deployment

This article describes how to set up your environment before deploying your first instance of Datadog - An Azure Native ISV Service. These conditions are prerequisites for completing the quickstarts.

Access control

To set up the Datadog - An Azure Native ISV Service, you must have Owner access on the Azure subscription. Confirm that you have the appropriate access before starting the setup.

Add enterprise application

To use the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on (SSO) feature within the Datadog resource, you must set up an enterprise application. To add an enterprise application, you need one of these roles: Global Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, Application Administrator, or owner of the service principal.

Use the following steps to set up the enterprise application:

  1. Go to Azure portal. Select Azure Active Directory.

  2. In the left pane, select Enterprise applications.

  3. Select New Application.

  4. In Add from the gallery, search for Datadog. Select the search result then select Add.

    Datadog application in the Azure A D enterprise gallery.

  5. Once the app is created, go to properties from the side panel. Set User assignment required? to No, and select Save.

    Set properties for the Datadog application

  6. Go to Single sign-on from the side panel. Then select SAML.

    SAML authentication.

  7. Select Yes when prompted to Save single sign-on settings.

    Save single-sign on for the Datadog app

  8. The setup of single sign-on is now complete.

Next steps

To create an instance of Datadog, see QuickStart: Get started with Datadog - An Azure Native ISV Service.