QuickStart: Start a free trial

A 30-day free trial of Azure Native Dynatrace Service is available on Azure Marketplace. You can sign up using the trial plan published by Dynatrace. During the trial period, you can create a Dynatrace resource on Azure and use integrated services such as log forwarding, metrics integration, and agent based monitoring. Before the free trial expires, you can seamlessly upgrade to a paid public plan or a private offer customized for your organization.

Before you proceed, please make sure that your subscription is marketplace purchase enabled. For more information, visit Purchase validation checks.

Subscribe to a free trial

You can access the trial plan by finding Azure Native Dynatrace Service on Azure portal or in the Azure Marketplace. Refer to the guide to create a new resource and choose the free trial public plan while subscribing.

Screenshot showing the free trial within the Dynatrace pricing plans in the Azure portal.

Free trial upgrade and expiry

Azure Native Dynatrace Service gives an option to upgrade to a paid plan through the portal experience. Select Upgrade to paid to choose one of the paid plans published by Dynatrace or contact sales@dynatrace.com for a custom offer for your organization.

Screenshot showing the option to upgrade to a Dynatrace paid plan in the Azure portal.

Upon expiration of the free trial, your services will be shut down and no logs or metrics will flow to your Dynatrace environment.

For more help using Azure Native Dynatrace Service, visit the Dynatrace documentation.

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