Troubleshooting Elastic integration with Azure

This document contains information about troubleshooting your solutions that use Elastic.

Unable to create an Elastic resource

Elastic integration with Azure can only be set up by users who have Owner or Contributor access on the Azure subscription. Confirm that you have the appropriate access.

Logs not being emitted to Elastic

  • Only resources listed in Azure Monitor resource log categories emit logs to Elastic. To verify whether the resource is emitting logs to Elastic:

    1. Navigate to Azure diagnostic setting for the resource.
    2. Verify that there's a diagnostic setting option available.

    Verify diagnostic setting

  • Resource doesn't support sending logs. Only resource types with monitoring log categories can be configured to send logs. For more information, see supported categories.

  • Limit of five diagnostic settings reached. Each Azure resource can have a maximum of five diagnostic settings. For more information, see diagnostic settings

  • Export of Metrics data is not supported currently by the partner solutions under Azure Monitor diagnostic settings.

Purchase errors

  • Purchase fails because a valid credit card isn't connected to the Azure subscription or a payment method isn't associated with the subscription.

    Use a different Azure subscription. Or, add or update the credit card or payment method for the subscription. For more information, see updating the credit and payment method.

  • The EA subscription doesn't allow Marketplace purchases.

    Use a different subscription. Or, check if your EA subscription is enabled for Marketplace purchase. For more information, see Enable Marketplace purchases.

Get support

To contact support about the Elastic integration with Azure, select the New Support request in the left pane. Select Open an Elastic Support ticket.

Open support ticket

In the Elastic site, open a support request.

Open Elastic support

Next steps

Learn about managing your instance of Elastic.