What is Logz.io integration with Azure?

Logz.io's Cloud-Native Observability Platform centralizes log, metric, and tracing analytics in one place, so you can monitor the health and performance of your Azure environment. You manage your solution through the Azure portal.

The Logz.io offering in the Azure Marketplace is an integrated service in Azure. This integration means you can implement Logz.io as a monitoring solution for your cloud workloads through a streamlined workflow.

You can now provision the Logz.io resources through a resource provider named Microsoft.Logz. You can create, provision, and manage Logz.io resources through the Azure portal. Logz.io owns and runs the software as a service (SaaS) application and that includes the Logz.io accounts and related API keys.


The following key capabilities are provided by the Azure Logz.io integration:

  • Seamless onboarding - Logz.io SaaS software is an integrated service on Azure.
  • Unified billing - Logz.io SaaS costs are reported through Azure monthly billing.
  • Single sign-on to Logz.io. - No separate sign-up is needed from the Logz.io portal.
  • Log forwarder - Enables forwarding of subscription activity and resource logs to Logz.io.
  • Management experience - Provides a single location to monitor how Azure services shipping logs are sent to Logz.io.
  • Logz.io Agent Deployment - Set up Logz.io agents on virtual machine (VM) hosts with a single step.

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