Tutorial: Remove a commissioned payment HSM

Before deleting a payment HSM that has been commissioned, it must first be decommissioned.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Remove a commissioned payment HSM
  • Verify that the payment HSM has been deleted

Remove a payment HSM from the payShield manager

Navigate to the payShield manager, following the steps in Access the payShield manager. From there, select "Remove device".

Screenshot of the payShield manager for Azure Payment HSM, remove device screen.


The payment HSM must be in a Secure state before RELEASE button is enabled. To do this, login with both Left and Right Keys and change state to Secure.

Delete the payment HSM

Once the payment HSM has been released, you can delete it using Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell.

To remove your payment HSM, use the az dedicated-hsm delete command. The following example deletes the myPaymentHSM payment HSM from the myResourceGroup resource group:

az dedicated-hsm delete --name "myPaymentHSM" -g "myResourceGroup"

Afterward, you can verify that the payment HSM was deleted with the Azure CLI az dedicated-hsm show command.

az dedicated-hsm show --resource-group "myResourceGroup" --name "myPaymentHSM"

This will return a "resource not found" error.

Next steps