Configure intelligent tuning for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server by using the Azure portal

APPLIES TO: Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server

This article provides a step-by-step procedure to configure intelligent tuning in Azure Database for PostgreSQL flexible server by using the Azure portal.

To learn more about intelligent tuning, see the overview.


Autovacuum tuning is currently supported for the General Purpose and Memory Optimized server compute tiers that have four or more vCores. The Burstable server compute tier isn't supported.

Steps to enable intelligent tuning on your flexible server

  1. Visit the Azure portal and select the Azure Database for PostgreSQL flexible server instance on which you want to enable intelligent tuning.

  2. On the left pane, select Server parameters and then search for intelligent tuning.

    Screenshot of the pane for server parameters with a search for intelligent tuning.

  3. The pane shows two parameters: intelligent_tuning and intelligent_tuning.metric_targets. To activate intelligent tuning, change intelligent_tuning to ON. You have the option to select one, multiple, or all available tuning targets in intelligent_tuning.metric_targets. Select the Save button to apply these changes.

    Screenshot of Server Parameter blade with tuning targets options.


Both intelligent_tuning and intelligent_tuning.metric_targets server parameters are dynamic. That is, no server restart is required when their values are changed.

Considerations for selecting values for tuning targets

When you're choosing values from the intelligent_tuning.metric_targets server parameter, take the following considerations into account:

  • The NONE value takes precedence over all other values. If you choose NONE alongside any combination of other values, the parameter is perceived as set to NONE. This is equivalent to intelligent_tuning = OFF, so no tuning occurs.

  • The ALL value takes precedence over all other values, with the exception of NONE. If you choose ALL with any combination, barring NONE, all the listed parameters undergo tuning.

  • The ALL value encompasses all existing metric targets. This value also automatically applies to any new metric targets that you might add in the future. This allows for comprehensive and future-proof tuning of your Azure Database for PostgreSQL flexible server instance.

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