Connection libraries for Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server

APPLIES TO: Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server

This article lists libraries and drivers that developers can use to develop applications to connect to and query Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Client interfaces

Most language client libraries used to connect to PostgreSQL server are external projects and are distributed independently. The libraries listed are supported on the Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, for connecting to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Several quickstart examples are listed in the Next steps section.

Language Client interface Additional information Download
Python psycopg DB API 2.0-compliant Download
PHP php-pgsql Database extension Install
Node.js Pg npm package Pure JavaScript non-blocking client Install
Java JDBC Type 4 JDBC driver Download 
Ruby Pg gem Ruby Interface Download
Go Package pq Pure Go postgres driver Install
C#/ .NET Npgsql ADO.NET Data Provider Download
ODBC psqlODBC ODBC Driver Download
C libpq Primary C language interface Included
C++ libpqxx New-style C++ interface Download

Next steps

Read these quickstarts on how to connect to and query Azure Database for PostgreSQL by using your language of choice:

Python | Node.JS | Java | Ruby | PHP | .NET (C#) | Go