Configure server parameters in Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server via the Azure portal

APPLIES TO: Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server


Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server is on the retirement path. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server. For more information about migrating to Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server, see What's happening to Azure Database for PostgreSQL Single Server?.

You can list, show, and update configuration parameters for an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server through the Azure portal.


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Viewing and editing parameters

  1. Open the Azure portal.

  2. Select your Azure Database for PostgreSQL server.

  3. Under the SETTINGS section, select Server parameters. The page shows a list of parameters, their values, and descriptions. Overview Page for Parameters

  4. Select the drop down button to see the possible values for enumerated-type parameters like client_min_messages. Enumerate drop down

  5. Select or hover over the i (information) button to see the range of possible values for numeric parameters like cpu_index_tuple_cost. information button

  6. If needed, use the search box to narrow down to a specific parameter. The search is on the name and description of the parameters. Search results

  7. Change the parameter values you would like to adjust. All changes you make in a session are highlighted in purple. Once you have changed the values, you can select Save. Or you can Discard your changes. Save or Discard changes

  8. If you have saved new values for the parameters, you can always revert everything back to the default values by selecting Reset all to default. Reset all to default

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