Azure private multi-access edge compute partner solutions

Microsoft is collaborating with leading third-party providers to develop a robust partner ecosystem across all layers of the value chain. This ecosystem enables Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC) to support diverse use cases and requirements, enabling partners to add unique value to enterprise customers.

Azure private MEC ecosystem

Azure private MEC solution partners include technology partners, application independent software vendors (ISVs), and system integrators.

  • Technology Partners bring critical hardware and software components such as network functions, Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies, and SIMs to the Azure private MEC ecosystem. Customers can mix and match these components to meet their requirements.
  • System Integrators and Operators are responsible for planning, deployment, and operation of a customer’s Azure private MEC implementation. These providers bring assets and expertise such as spectrum, radio frequency (RF) planning, installation, maintenance, and support. System Integrators and Operators enable customers to rapidly deploy the Azure private MEC solution without requiring in-house expertise in complexities surrounding mobile network technologies.
  • Application ISV Partners bring ready to deploy software solutions built for Azure private MEC. These applications use the low latency edge computing capabilities of Azure private MEC to enable a customer’s specific use-cases within industries, including manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

System Integrators (SIs)

Our system integrator partners include:

Manufacturing Smart Warehousing & Logistics Government Critical Infrastructure Retail & Entertainment Connectivity
Capgemini Tech Mahindra - DockSight Datwyler HCL Technologies - Immersive Drone Display Capgemini
Inventec Tech Mahindra - ContainerSight HCL Technologies HCL Technologies - Gaming Surveillance Cognizant
TCS Compal
Tech Mahindra - AR Based Remote Assistance HCL Technologies
Tech Mahindra - LineSight Inventec
Pegatron NTT
Accenture Tech Mahindra
BATS Wireless

Our operator partners include:

Technology Partners

Azure private MEC technology partners provide critical hardware and software components including network functions, Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies, and SIM services.

Networking ISVs

Networking independent software vendor (ISV) partners include software vendors that provide network functions such as firewalls and SD-WAN. The breadth of third-party network functions available enable customers to securely integrate the Azure private MEC solution into their existing edge and cloud environments. The Azure private MEC current network function partners include:

Firewall SD-WAN
Palo Alto Networks NetFoundry
Trend Micro VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud
Versa Networks


SIM partners provide wireless authentication technologies and embedded cellular modules. RAN partners deliver various hardware equipment (such as radios and antennas) necessary to deploy private mobile networks. The following partners completed interop tests with Azure private MEC. Contact the partner representative for more details:

SIM RAN (hardware)
BICS Airspan
Idemia ASOCS
JCI Commscope
Transatel Compal
Parallel Wireless

Application ISVs

Microsoft partners with Application ISVs to make their software available through the Azure Marketplace. Our ISV partners use a combination of private 5G and edge compute capabilities to create new experiences for customers.

Applications that run on supported platforms can also deploy to Azure private MEC with few code changes required. This means that application ISV solutions for Azure Stack Edge, and Azure IoT Edge can also run on the Azure private MEC solution.

Our application ISV partners include:

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