This page lists the currently available regions for use with Azure Remote Rendering.

Region table

Name Region URL
Australia East australiaeast
East US eastus
East US 2 eastus2
Japan East japaneast
North Europe northeurope
South Central US southcentralus
Southeast Asia southeastasia
UK South uksouth
West Europe westeurope
West US 2 westus2

Region connection best practice

For best results, a client application should always use the region that is closest to your physical location. The network requirements chapter mentions strategies how to measure latencies for individual regions. The session creation API doesn't implicitly fall back to a different region when creation fails. To make client applications resilient to potential outages in specific regions, it's recommended to add one or more fallback regions to the session creation logic. So if a session can't be allocated and the API returns with a timeout, the client could try the next closest region.

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