Move across region dashboard

This article describes how to monitor the resources you are moving across regions via the Move across region dashboard in Azure Resource Mover.

Monitor via the dashboard

  1. In Azure Resource Mover, select Overview the left navigation pane. You can toggle between two pages, Getting started and Move across region dashboard. Getting started page provides options to move your resources across subscription, across resource group and across region. The Move across region dashboard page combines all monitoring information of your move across region in a single place. Move across region dashboard tab
  2. The dashboard lists all the move combinations created by you. The following two sections are used to capture the status of your move across regions. In Resources by move status, monitor the percentage and number of resources in each state. In Error Summary, monitor the active errors that need to be resolved before you can successfully move to the destination region. Status and issues section


Only the source-destination combinations that are already created in your chosen subscription would be listed in the dashboard.

  1. Use the filters to choose your preferred Subscription, Source region, and Destination region. Filters
  2. Navigate to the details page by selecting on View all resources next to the source - destination. Details

Next steps

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