Support for moving extension resource types between Azure regions

This article summarizes all the Extension resource typesthat are currently supported while moving Azure resources across regions using Azure resource mover.

Extension resource types supported

Below table lists the extension resource types supported.

Extension resource type Support Details
Microsoft.Resources/tags Supported Source resource types tags can be moved as is or modified in the destination configuration section of Azure resource mover. Please disable any tag level policies on the destination region before starting the prepare process.
Microsoft.Resources/links Not Supported
Microsoft.ManagedIdentities/Identities System-assigned managed identities are Not supported
Microsoft.ManagedIdentities/Identities User-assigned managed Identities assignment is Supported The user-assigned managed identity of the source resource would be assigned on the destination resource. The movement of user assigned identity as a resource itself is Not Supported.

Next steps

Try modifying the supported extension resource type for a VM.