Get started with SAP automation framework on Azure

Get started quickly with the SAP on Azure Deployment Automation Framework.


Some of the prerequisites may already be installed in your deployment environment. Both Cloud Shell and the deployer have Terraform and the Azure CLI installed.

Clone the repository

Clone the repository and prepare the execution environment by using the following steps:

  • Create a directory called Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment for your automation framework deployment.
mkdir ~/Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment/config; cd $_
git clone 

mkdir ~/Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment/sap-automation; cd $_
git clone 

mkdir ~/Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment/samples; cd $_
git clone 


The deployer already clones the required repositories.


The ~/Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment/samples folder contains a set of sample configuration files to start testing the deployment automation framework. You can copy them using the following steps.

cd ~/Azure_SAP_Automated_Deployment

cp -Rp samples/Terraform/WORKSPACES config/WORKSPACES

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