Azure Virtual Machines high availability for SAP NetWeaver

Azure Virtual Machines is the solution for organizations that need compute, storage, and network resources, in minimal time, and without lengthy procurement cycles. You can use Azure Virtual Machines to deploy classic applications such as SAP NetWeaver-based ABAP, Java, and an ABAP+Java stack. Extend reliability and availability without additional on-premises resources. Azure Virtual Machines supports cross-premises connectivity, so you can integrate Azure Virtual Machines into your organization's on-premises domains, private clouds, and SAP system landscape.

This series of articles covers:

  • Architecture and scenarios.

  • Infrastructure preparation.

  • SAP installation steps for deploying high-availability SAP systems in Azure by using the Azure Resource Manager deployment model.


    We strongly recommend that you use the Azure Resource Manager deployment model for your SAP installations. It offers many benefits that are not available in the classic deployment model. Learn more about Azure deployment models.

  • SAP high availability on:

    • Windows logo. Windows, using Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC)
    • Linux logo. Linux, using Linux Cluster Framework

In these articles, you learn how to help protect single point of failure (SPOF) components, such as SAP Central Services (ASCS/SCS) and database management systems (DBMS). You also learn about redundant components in Azure, such as SAP application server.

High-availability architecture and scenarios for SAP NetWeaver

Summary: In this article, we discuss high availability architecture of an SAP system in Azure. We discuss how to solve high availability of SAP single point of failure (SPOF) and redundant components and the specifics of Azure infrastructure high availability. We also cover how these parts relate to SAP system components. Additionally, the discussion is broken out for Windows and Linux specifics. Various SAP high-availability scenarios are covered as well.

Updated: October 2017

The article covers both Windows logo. Windows and Linux logo. Linux.

Azure infrastructure preparation for SAP NetWeaver high-availability deployment

Summary: In the articles listed here, we cover the steps that you can take to deploy Azure infrastructure in preparation for SAP installation. To simplify Azure infrastructure deployment, SAP Azure Resource Manager templates are used to automate the whole process.

Updated: March 2019

Installation of an SAP NetWeaver high availability system in Azure

Summary: The articles listed here present step-by-step examples of the installation and configuration of a high-availability SAP system in a Windows Server Failover Clustering cluster and Linux cluster framework in Azure.

Updated: March 2019