Upgrade versions of the Azure Search .NET Management SDK

This article points you to libraries in the Azure SDK for .NET for managing a search service. These libraries provide the APIs used to create, configure, and delete search services. They also provide APIS used to adjust capacity, manage API keys, and configure network security.

Management SDKs target a specific version of the Management REST API. Release notes for each library indicate which REST API version is the target for each package. For more information about concepts and operations, see Search Management (REST).


The following table lists the client libraries used to provision a search service.

Namespace Version Status Change log
Azure.ResourceManager.Search Package versions Current Release notes
Microsoft.Azure.Management.Search Package versions Deprecated Release notes

Checklist for upgrade

  1. Review the client library change list for insight into the scope of changes.

  2. In your application code, delete the reference to Microsoft.Azure.Management.Search and its dependencies.

  3. Add a reference for Azure.ResourceManager.Search using either the NuGet Package Manager Console or by right-clicking on your project references and selecting "Manage NuGet Packages..." in Visual Studio.

  4. Once NuGet has downloaded the new packages and their dependencies, replace the API calls.

Next steps

If you encounter problems, the best forum for posting questions is Stack Overflow. If you find a bug, you can file an issue in the Azure .NET SDK GitHub repository. Make sure to label your issue title with search.