Threat Modeling Tool update release 7.1.60702.1 - 7/2/2019

Version 7.1.60702.1 of the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) was released on July 2 2019 and contains the following changes:

  • Accessibility improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Inclusion of an open-source community provided stencil set

Feature changes

A new medical devices stencil set provided by the open-source community is available

A stencil set for modeling medical devices has been contributed by the open-source community. After updating, the new stencil set will appear in the template selection drop down menu. For information about contributing stencils or content to templates, review the information on the project's GitHub page.

Model Validation Option

System requirements

Documentation and feedback

Next steps

Download the latest version of the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool.