Workplace from Facebook (using Azure Functions) connector for Microsoft Sentinel

The Workplace data connector provides the capability to ingest common Workplace events into Microsoft Sentinel through Webhooks. Webhooks enable custom integration apps to subscribe to events in Workplace and receive updates in real time. When a change occurs in Workplace, an HTTPS POST request with event information is sent to a callback data connector URL. Refer to Webhooks documentation for more information. The connector provides ability to get events which helps to examine potential security risks, analyze your team's use of collaboration, diagnose configuration problems and more.

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Connector attributes

Connector attribute Description
Log Analytics table(s) Workplace_Facebook_CL
Data collection rules support Not currently supported
Supported by Microsoft Corporation

Query samples

Workplace Events - All Activities.


| sort by TimeGenerated desc


To integrate with Workplace from Facebook (using Azure Functions) make sure you have:

Vendor installation instructions


This data connector uses Azure Functions based on HTTP Trigger for waiting POST requests with logs to pull its logs into Microsoft Sentinel. This might result in additional data ingestion costs. Check the Azure Functions pricing page for details.

(Optional Step) Securely store workspace and API authorization key(s) or token(s) in Azure Key Vault. Azure Key Vault provides a secure mechanism to store and retrieve key values. Follow these instructions to use Azure Key Vault with an Azure Functions App.


This data connector depends on a parser based on a Kusto Function to work as expected which is deployed as part of the solution. To view the function code in Log Analytics, open Log Analytics/Microsoft Sentinel Logs blade, click Functions and search for the alias WorkplaceFacebook and load the function code or click here on the second line of the query, enter the hostname(s) of your Workplace Facebook device(s) and any other unique identifiers for the logstream. The function usually takes 10-15 minutes to activate after solution installation/update.

STEP 1 - Configuration steps for the Workplace

Follow the instructions to configure Webhooks.

  1. Log in to the Workplace with Admin user credentials.
  2. In the Admin panel, click Integrations.
  3. In the All integrations view, click Create custom integration
  4. Enter the name and description and click Create.
  5. In the Integration details panel show App secret and copy.
  6. In the Integration permissions pannel set all read permissions. Refer to permission page for details.
  7. Now proceed to STEP 2 to follow the steps (listed in Option 1 or 2) to Deploy the Azure Function.
  8. Enter the requested parameters and also enter a Token of choice. Copy this Token / Note it for the upcoming step.
  9. After the deployment of Azure Functions completes successfully, open Function App page, select your app, go to Functions, click Get Function URL and copy this / Note it for the upcoming step.
  10. Go back to Workplace from Facebook. In the Configure webhooks panel on each Tab set Callback URL as the same value that you copied in point 9 above and Verify token as the same value you copied in point 8 above which was obtained during STEP 2 of Azure Functions deployment.
  11. Click Save.

STEP 2 - Choose ONE from the following two deployment options to deploy the connector and the associated Azure Functions

IMPORTANT: Before deploying the Workplace data connector, have the Workspace ID and Workspace Primary Key (can be copied from the following).

Next steps

For more information, go to the related solution in the Azure Marketplace.