Restore archived logs from search

Restore data from an archived log to use in high performing queries and analytics.

Before you restore data in an archived log, see Start an investigation by searching large datasets (preview) and Restore in Azure Monitor.

Restore archived log data

To restore archived log data in Microsoft Sentinel, specify the table and time range for the data you want to restore. Within a few minutes, the log data is available within the Log Analytics workspace. Then you can use the data in high-performance queries that support full KQL.

You can restore archived data directly from the Search page or from a saved search.

  1. In the Azure portal, go to Microsoft Sentinel and select the appropriate workspace.

  2. Under General, select Search.

  3. Restore log data in one of two ways:

    • At the top of Search page, select Restore. Screenshot of restore button at the top of the search page.
    • Select the Saved Searches tab and Restore on the appropriate search. Screenshot of the restore link on a saved search.
  4. Select the table you want to restore.

  5. Select the time range of the data that you want restore.

  6. Select Restore.

    Screenshot of the restoration page with table and time range selected.

  7. Wait for the log data to be restored. View the status of your restoration job by selecting on the Restoration tab.

View restored log data

View the status and results of the log data restore by going to the Restoration tab. You can view the restored data when the status of the restore job shows Data Available.

  1. In your Microsoft Sentinel workspace, select Search > Restoration.

    Screenshot of the restoration tab on the search page.

  2. When your restore job is complete, select the table name.

    Screenshot that shows rows with completed restore jobs and a table selected.

  3. Review the results.

    Screenshot that shows the logs query pane with the restored table results.

    The Logs query pane shows the name of table containing the restored data. The Time range is set to a custom time range that uses the start and end times of the restored data.

Delete restored data tables

To save costs, we recommend you delete the restored table when you no longer need it. When you delete a restored table, Azure doesn't delete the underlying source data.

  1. In your Microsoft Sentinel workspace, select Search > Restoration.

  2. Identify the table you want to delete.

  3. Select Delete for that table row.

    Screenshot of restoration tab that shows the delete button on each row.

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