Service Connector region support

When you connect Cloud services together with Service Connector, the conceptual connection resource is provisioned into the same region as your compute service instance by default. This page shows the region support information.

Supported regions with regional endpoints

If your compute service instance is located in one of the regions that Service Connector supports below, you can use Service Connector to create and manage service connections.

Region App Service, Container Apps,
Azure Functions, Azure Spring Apps
Australia Central Yes No
Australia Central 2 Yes No
Australia East Yes Yes
Australia Southeast Yes Yes
Brazil South Yes Yes
Brazil Southeast Yes No
Canada Central Yes Yes
Canada East Yes Yes
Central India Yes Yes
Central US Yes Yes
Central US EUAP Yes No
East Asia Yes Yes
East US Yes Yes
East US 2 Yes Yes
East US 2 EUAP Yes No
France Central Yes Yes
France South Yes No
Germany North Yes No
Germany West Central Yes Yes
Japan East Yes Yes
Japan West Yes Yes
Jio India Central Yes No
Jio India West Yes No
Korea Central Yes Yes
Korea South Yes No
North Central US Yes Yes
North Europe Yes Yes
Norway East Yes Yes
Norway West Yes No
Qatar Central Yes No
South Africa North Yes Yes
South Africa West Yes No
South Central US Yes Yes
Southeast Asia Yes Yes
South India Yes Yes
Sweden Central Yes Yes
Sweden South Yes No
Switzerland North Yes Yes
Switzerland West Yes No
UAE Central Yes No
UAE North Yes Yes
UK South Yes Yes
UK West Yes Yes
West Central US Yes Yes
West Europe Yes Yes
West India Yes No
West US Yes Yes
West US 2 Yes Yes
West US 3 Yes Yes

Regions not supported

In regions where Service Connector isn't supported, you will still find Service Connector in the Azure portal and the Service Connector commands will appear in the Azure CLI, but you won't be able to create or manage service connections. The product team is working actively to enable more regions.

Next steps

Go to the articles below for more information about how Service Connector works, and learn about service availability.