Service Fabric environment variables

Service Fabric has built-in environment variables set for each service instance. The full list of environment variables is below:

Environment Variable Description Example
Fabric_ApplicationName The fabric uri name of the application fabric:/MyApplication
Fabric_CodePackageName The name of the code package to which the process belongs Code
Fabric_Endpoint_IPOrFQDN_ServiceEndpointName The ip address or FQDN of the endpoint
Fabric_Endpoint_ServiceEndpointName Port number for the endpoint 8234
Fabric_Folder_App_Log Log folder C:\\Data\\_App\\_Node_0\\MyApplicationType_App12\\log
Fabric_Folder_App_Temp Temp folder C:\\Data\\_App\\_Node_0\\MyApplicationType_App12\\temp
Fabric_Folder_App_Work Work folder C:\\Data\\_App\\_Node_0\\MyApplicationType_App12\\work
Fabric_Folder_Application The applications home folder C:\\Data\\_App\\_Node_0\\MyApplicationType_App12
Fabric_IsContainerHost A bool specifying whether the process is a container false
Fabric_NodeId The node ID of the node running the process bf865279ba277deb864a976fbf4c200e
Fabric_NodeIPOrFQDN The IP or FQDN of the node, as specified in the cluster manifest file. localhost or
Fabric_NodeName The node name of the node running the process _Node_0
Fabric_ServiceName The fabric uri name of the service, if service is hosted in ExclusiveProcess mode. This variable value is only available if you create the service with ServicePackageActivationMode ExclusiveProcess. fabric:/MyApplication/MyService
Fabric_ServicePackageActivationId The ServicePackageActivationId A GUID
Fabric_ServicePackageName Name of the service package the process is part of Web1Pkg

Internal Environment Variables Used by Service Fabric Runtime:

  • Fabric_ApplicationHostId
  • Fabric_ApplicationHostType
  • Fabric_ApplicationId
  • Fabric_CodePackageInstanceId
  • Fabric_CodePackageInstanceSeqNum
  • Fabric_InstanceId
  • Fabric_ReplicaId
  • Fabric_RuntimeConnectionAddress
  • Fabric_ServicePackageActivationGuid
  • Fabric_ServicePackageInstanceId
  • Fabric_ServicePackageInstanceSeqNum
  • Fabric_ServicePackageVersionInstance
  • FabricActivatorAddress
  • FabricPackageFileName
  • HostedServiceName