Set up gMSA for Windows containers running on Service Fabric

To set up gMSA (group Managed Service Accounts), a credential specification file (credspec) is placed on all nodes in the cluster. The file can be copied on all nodes using a VM extension. The credspec file must contain the gMSA account information. For more information on the credspec file, see Create a Credential Spec. The credential specification and the Hostname tag are specified in the application manifest. The Hostname tag must match the gMSA account name that the container runs under. The Hostname tag allows the container to authenticate itself to other services in the domain using Kerberos authentication. A sample for specifying the Hostname and the credspec in the application manifest is shown in the following snippet:

  <ContainerHostPolicies CodePackageRef="NodeService.Code" Isolation="process" Hostname="gMSAAccountName">
    <SecurityOption Value="credentialspec=file://WebApplication1.json"/>

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