Tutorial: Scale out a Service Fabric managed cluster

In this tutorial series we will discuss:

This part of the series covers how to:

  • Scale a Service Fabric managed cluster node


Scale a Service Fabric managed cluster

Change the instance count to increase or decrease the number of nodes on the node type that you would like to scale. You can find node type names in the Azure Resource Manager template (ARM template) from your cluster deployment, or in the Service Fabric Explorer.


For the Primary node type, you will not be able to go below 3 nodes for a Basic SKU cluster, and 5 nodes for a Standard SKU cluster.

$resourceGroup = "myResourceGroup"
$clusterName = "mysfcluster"
$nodeTypeName = "FE"
$instanceCount = "7"

Set-AzServiceFabricManagedNodeType -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -ClusterName $clusterName -name $nodeTypeName -InstanceCount $instanceCount -Verbose

The cluster will begin upgrading automatically and after a few minutes you will see the additional nodes.

Next steps

In this step we scaled a node type on a Service Fabric managed cluster. To learn more about adding and removing node types, see: