View service health notifications by using the Azure portal

Service health notifications are published by the Azure infrastructure into the Azure activity log. The notifications contain information about the resources under your subscription. Given the possibly large volume of information stored in the activity log, there is a separate user interface to make it easier to view and set up alerts on service health notifications.

Service health notifications can be informational or actionable, depending on the class.

For more information on the various classes of service health notifications, see Service health notifications properties.

View your service health notifications in the Azure portal

  1. In the Azure portal, select Monitor.

    Azure Monitor brings together all your monitoring settings and data into one consolidated view. It first opens to the Activity log section.

  2. Select Service health.

  3. Select +Create/Add activity log alert, and set up an alert to ensure you are notified for future service notifications. For more information, see Create activity log alerts on service notifications.

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