Introduction to the Fitness Store sample app


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Azure Spring Apps is the new name for the Azure Spring Cloud service. Although the service has a new name, you'll see the old name in some places for a while as we work to update assets such as screenshots, videos, and diagrams.

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This quickstart describes the fitness store sample application, which shows you how to deploy polyglot apps to an Azure Spring Apps Enterprise plan instance. You see how polyglot applications are built and deployed using Azure Spring Apps Enterprise plan capabilities. These capabilities include Tanzu Build Service, Service Discovery, externalized configuration with Application Configuration Service, application routing with Spring Cloud Gateway, logs, metrics, and distributed tracing.

The following diagram shows a common application architecture:

Diagram that shows the architecture of the Fitness Store application.

This architecture shows an application composed of smaller applications with a gateway, multiple databases, security services, monitoring, and automation.

This quickstart applies this architecture to a Fitness Store application. This application is composed of the following services split up by domain:

  • Four Java Spring Boot applications:

    • Catalog Service contains an API for fetching available products.
    • Payment Service validates and processes payments for users' orders.
    • Identity Service provides reference to the authenticated user.
    • Assist Service provides AI functionality to the fitness store.
  • One Python application:

    • Cart Service manages users' items that have been selected for purchase.
  • One ASP.NET Core application:

    • Order Service places orders to buy products that are in the users' carts.
  • One NodeJS and static HTML application:

    • Frontend is the shopping application that depends on the other services.

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