Azure Static Web Apps hosting plans

Azure Static Web Apps is available through two different plans, Free and Standard. See the pricing page for Standard plan costs.


Feature Free plan
(For personal projects)
Standard plan
(For production apps)
Web hosting
GitHub integration
Azure DevOps integration
Globally distributed static content
Free, automatically renewing SSL certificates
Staging environments 3 per app 10 per app
Max app size 250 MB per app 500 MB per app
Custom domains 2 per app 5 per app
APIs via Azure Functions Managed Managed or
Bring your own Functions app
Authentication provider integration Pre-configured
(Service defined)
Custom registrations
Assign custom roles with a function -
Private endpoints -
Service Level Agreement (SLA) None

Selecting a plan

The following scenarios can help you decide if the Standard plan best fits your needs.

  • Expected traffic volumes exceed bandwidth maximums.
  • The existing Azure Functions app you want to use either has triggers and bindings beyond HTTP endpoints, or can't be converted to a managed Functions app.
  • Security requirements that require a custom provider registration.
  • The site's web assets total file size exceed the storage maximums.
  • You require formal customer support.
  • You require more than three staging environments.

See the quotas guide for limitation details.

Changing plans

You can move between Free or Standard plans via the Azure portal.

  1. Go to your Static Web Apps resource in the Azure portal.

  2. Under the Settings menu, select Hosting plan.

  3. Select the hosting plan you want for your static web app.

  4. Select Save.