How to use the BlobFuse2 mount list command to display all BlobFuse2 mount points

Use the blobfuse2 mount list command to display all existing BlobFuse2 mount points.


blobfuse2 mount list --[flag-name]=[flag-value]

Flags (options)

Flags that apply to blobfuse2 mount all are inherited from the parent commands, blobfuse2 and blobfuse2 mount.

Flags inherited from the BlobFuse2 command

The following flags are inherited from grandparent command blobfuse2:

Flag Short version Value type Default value Description
disable-version-check boolean false Enables or disables automatic version checking of the BlobFuse2 binaries
help -h n/a Help info for the blobfuse2 command and subcommands

Flags inherited from the BlobFuse2 mount command

The following flags are inherited from parent command blobfuse2 mount:

Flag Value type Default value Description
allow-other boolean false Allow other users to access this mount point
attr-cache-timeout uint32 120 Attribute cache timeout
(in seconds)
attr-timeout uint32 Attribute timeout
(in seconds)
config-file string ./config.yaml The path for the file where the account credentials are provided Default is config.yaml in current directory.
container-name string The name of the container to be mounted
entry-timeout uint32 Entry timeout
(in seconds)
file-cache-timeout uint32 120 File cache timeout
(in seconds)
foreground boolean false Whether the file system is mounted in foreground mode
log-file-path string $HOME/.blobfuse2/blobfuse2.log The path for log files
log-level LOG_OFF
LOG_WARNING The level of logging written to --log-file-path.
negative-timeout uint32 The negative entry timeout
(in seconds)
no-symlinks boolean false Whether or not symlinks should be supported
passphrase string Key to decrypt config file.
Can also be specified by env-variable BLOBFUSE2_SECURE_CONFIG_PASSPHRASE
The key length shall be 16 (AES-128), 24 (AES-192), or 32 (AES-256) bytes in length.
read-only boolean false Mount the system in read only mode
secure-config boolean false Encrypt auto generated config file for each container
tmp-path string n/a Configures the tmp location for the cache.
(Configure the fastest disk (SSD or ramdisk) for best performance).


Display all current BlobFuse2 mount points:

sudo blobfuse2 mount list

Example output

1 : /home/<user>/bf2a
2 : /home/<user>/bf2b

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