BlobFuse2 version command

Use the blobfuse2 version command to display the current version of BlobFuse2, and optionally check for latest version.


blobfuse2 version --[flag-name]=[flag-value]

Flags (options)

Some flags are inherited from the parent command, blobfuse2, and others only apply to the blobfuse2 version command.

Flags inherited from the BlobFuse2 command

The following flags are inherited from parent command blobfuse2):

Flag Short version Value type Default value Description
disable-version-check boolean false Enables or disables automatic version checking of the BlobFuse2 binaries
help -h n/a n/a Help info for the blobfuse2 command and subcommands

Flags that apply only to the BlobFuse2 version command

The following flags apply only to command blobfuse2 version:

Flag Value type Default value Description
check boolean false Check for the latest version


blobfuse2 version --check=true

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