Convert append blobs and page blobs into block blobs

To convert blobs, copy them to a new location by using PowerShell, Azure CLI, or AzCopy. You'll use command parameters to ensure that the destination blob is a block blob. All metadata from the source blob is copied to the destination blob.

Convert append and page blobs

  1. Open a Windows PowerShell command window.

  2. Sign in to your Azure subscription with the Connect-AzAccount command and follow the on-screen directions.

  3. If your identity is associated with more than one subscription, then set your active subscription to subscription of the storage account which contains the append or page blobs.

    $context = Get-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId '<subscription-id>'
    Set-AzContext $context

    Replace the <subscription-id> placeholder value with the ID of your subscription.

  4. Create the storage account context by using the New-AzStorageContext command. Include the -UseConnectedAccount parameter so that data operations will be performed using your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) credentials.

    $ctx = New-AzStorageContext -StorageAccountName '<storage account name>' -UseConnectedAccount
  5. Use the Copy-AzStorageBlob command and set the -DestBlobType parameter to Block.

    $containerName = '<source container name>'
    $srcblobName = '<source append or page blob name>'
    $destcontainerName = '<destination container name>'
    $destblobName = '<destination block blob name>'
    $destTier = '<destination block blob tier>'
    Copy-AzStorageBlob -SrcContainer $containerName -SrcBlob $srcblobName -Context $ctx -DestContainer $destcontainerName -DestBlob $destblobName -DestContext $ctx -DestBlobType Block -StandardBlobTier $destTier
  6. To copy a page blob snapshot to block blob, use the Get-AzStorageBlob and Copy-AzStorageBlob command with -DestBlobType parameter as Block.

    $containerName = '<source container name>'
    $srcPageBlobName = '<source page blob name>'
    $srcPageBlobSnapshotTime = '<snapshot time of source page blob>'
    $destContainerName = '<destination container name>'
    $destBlobName = '<destination block blob name>'
    $destTier = '<destination block blob tier>'
     Get-AzStorageBlob -Container $containerName -Blob $srcPageBlobName -SnapshotTime $srcPageBlobSnapshotTime -Context $ctx | Copy-AzStorageBlob -DestContainer $destContainerName -DestBlob $destBlobName -DestBlobType block -StandardBlobTier $destTier -DestContext $ctx 


    The -StandardBlobTier parameter is optional. If you omit that parameter, then the destination blob infers its tier from the default account access tier setting. To change the tier after you've created a block blob, see Change a blob's tier.

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