Create a storage account to use with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

To use Data Lake Storage Gen2 capabilities, create a storage account that has a hierarchical namespace.

For step-by-step guidance, see Create a storage account.

As you create the account, make sure to select the options described in this article.

Choose a storage account type

Data Lake Storage capabilities are supported in the following types of storage accounts:

  • Standard general-purpose v2
  • Premium block blob

For information about how to choose between them, see storage account overview.

You can choose between these two types of accounts in the Basics tab of the Create a storage account page.

To create a standard general-purpose v2 account, select Standard.

To create a premium block blob account, select Premium. Then, in the Premium account type dropdown list, select Block blobs.

Premium block blob option

Enable the hierarchical namespace

Unlock Data Lake Storage capabilities by selecting the enable hierarchical namespace setting in the Advanced tab of the Create storage account page.

The following image shows this setting in the Create storage account page.

Hierarchical namespace setting

To enable Data Lake Storage capabilities on an existing account, see Upgrade Azure Blob Storage with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 capabilities.

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