Azure Storage Explorer command-line options

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer has a set of command-line options that can be added when starting the application. Most of the command-line options are for debugging or troubleshooting purposes.

Command-line options

Option Description
--debug/--prod Start the application in debug or production mode. In debug mode, the local attachment data will be stored in the application's local storage and it won't be encrypted. Hidden properties will be displayed in the Properties panel for selected resource nodes. Log verbosity level will be set to print debug messages revealing Storage Explorer's internal setup logic. The default value is --prod.
--lang Start the application with a given language. For example, --lang="zh-Hans".
--disable-gpu Start the application without GPU acceleration.
--auto-open-dev-tools Let the application open the developer tools window as soon as the browser window shows. This option is useful when you want to hit a break point at a line in the start-up code of the browser window.
--verbosity Set the verbosity level of Storage Explorer logging. Supported verbosity levels include debug, verbose, info, warn, error, and silent. For example, --verbosity=verbose. When running in production mode, the default verbosity level is info. When running in debug mode, the log verbosity level will always be debug.
--log-dir Set the directory to save log files. For example, --log-dir=path_to_a_directory.
--ignore-certificate-errors Tell Storage Explorer to ignore certificate errors. This flag can be useful when you need to work in a trusted proxy environment with non-public Certificate Authority. We recommend you to use system proxy (preview) in such proxy environments and only set this flag if the system proxy doesn't work.

An example of starting Storage Explorer with custom command-line options

./MicrosoftAzureStorageExplorer --lang=en --auto-open-dev-tools


These command line options may change in new Storage Explorer versions.

When to use command-line options

Some command-line options can be used to customize Storage Explorer. For those options that have corresponding user settings, such as --lang. We recommend using the user settings instead of using the command-line option.

The other command-line options can be useful for debugging and troubleshooting. If you run into a problem in Storage Explorer, reproducing the problem in debug mode can help us get more detailed information to investigate.