Azure Files and Azure File Sync customer case studies

Customers in diverse industries use Azure Files and Azure File Sync to host their file shares and sync on-premises file servers to cloud. Learn directly from the customer use cases listed here.

Azure Files AI model training use case

To interpret and contextualize seafloor health, a team of marine environmental scientists and analysts stored an extensive collection of images in Azure Files to use for building and training a crucial AI model. Now, the team seamlessly updates seafloor data and makes it accessible to clients in near real-time. Check out the full story here.

Azure Files NFS for SAP use case

A global insurance company runs one of the largest SAP deployments in Europe, which it historically managed on its own private cloud. As the company continued to grow, its on-premises hardware resources became increasingly scarce. To improve scalability and performance, the company moved its SAP environment to Azure, using Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Disk Storage. It used Azure Files to provide NFS file storage for its Linux-based SAP servers, eliminating the burden and costs of managing on-premises NFS file servers. With Azure Files, the company is also able to easily operate business-critical SAP transport directories. Check out the full story here.

Azure File Sync business continuity use case

An environmental engineering company with 2,500 employees spread across 80 offices faced two major problems:

  1. Constantly running out of local disk space on their on-premises file servers
  2. The looming threat of natural disasters, fires, and power outages

Either of these situations could cause sudden server outages, resulting in a productivity and business cost to their bottom line. By adopting Azure Files along with Azure File Sync, they were able to improve server recovery times to nearly instantaneous and give their employees the ability to work without interruptions. Check out the full story here.

Azure File Sync collaboration use case

A sportswear brand was looking for ways to elevate the speed and ease of collaboration across different locations. The company used Azure File Sync along with Azure Virtual WAN to get the best of both worlds: an on-premises performance cache for local users, plus cloud scale and worldwide syncing. This reduced latency, improved security, and enhanced teamwork. It also simplified IT management and reduced the total cost of ownership for running file services. Check out the full case study here.

Azure Files large files use case

Game studios deal with large files on a daily basis to store their valuable digital assets, sharing builds and reviewing crash dumps. When the COVID-19 pandemic prompted game developers to transition from an in-office workforce to a globally distributed remote team, working with large files didn’t scale well. The increased demand for remote access resulted in high latency when working with large files, as well as an increase in internet egress costs. Azure Files offered a scalable solution for the team to easily work with large files.