Azure Files zone-redundant storage for premium file shares

Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) replicates your storage account synchronously across three Azure availability zones in the primary region.

Applies to

File share type SMB NFS
Standard file shares (GPv2), LRS/ZRS No No
Standard file shares (GPv2), GRS/GZRS No No
Premium file shares (FileStorage), LRS/ZRS Yes Yes

Premium file share accounts

ZRS is supported for premium Azure file shares through the FileStorage storage account kind.

ZRS for premium file shares is available for a subset of Azure regions:

  • (Africa) South Africa North
  • (Asia Pacific) Australia East
  • (Asia Pacific) Australia South East
  • (Asia Pacific) China North 3
  • (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia
  • (Asia Pacific) Korea Central
  • (Asia Pacific) East Asia
  • (Asia Pacific) Japan East
  • (Asia Pacific) Central India
  • (Asia Pacific) South India
  • (Canada) Canada Central
  • (Europe) France Central
  • (Europe) Germany West Central
  • (Europe) North Europe
  • (Europe) West Europe
  • (Europe) UK South
  • (Europe) Poland Central
  • (Europe) Norway East
  • (Europe) Sweden Central
  • (Europe) Switzerland North
  • (Europe) Italy North
  • (Middle East) Qatar Central
  • (Middle East) Israel Central
  • (Middle East) UAE North
  • (North America) East US
  • (North America) East US 2
  • (North America) West US 2
  • (North America) West US 3
  • (North America) South Central US
  • (South America) Brazil South

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