Quickstart: Create an Azure Storage table in the Azure portal

This quickstart shows how to create tables and entities in the web-based Azure portal. This quickstart also shows you how to create an Azure storage account.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create an Azure free account before you begin.


To complete this quickstart, first create an Azure storage account in the Azure portal. For help creating the account, see Create a storage account.

Add a table

You can now use Table service in the Azure portal to create a table.

  1. Click Overview > Tables.

    On vmamcgestorage, a Storage Account, the Overview tab is highlighted. On the Overview pane, under Services, Tables is highlighted.

  2. Click + Table.

    On Table service for vmamcgestorage, the + Table option is highlighted.

  3. Type a name for your table in the Table name box, then click OK.

    On the Add Table tab of Table service, My Table is entered into Table name and is highlighted. The OK button is selected and highlighted.

Next steps