What is StorSimple for Cloud Solutions Providers Program?


ACTION REQUIRED: StorSimple 8000 series will reach its end-of-life in December 2022. Microsoft provides a dedicated migration service for StorSimple 8000 series volumes and their backups. To avoid data loss, it's imperative that you plan, test, and complete your migration as soon as possible.


Microsoft Azure StorSimple is a unique approach to enterprise storage with true hybrid cloud storage capabilities. It empowers the customers to take advantage of economical cloud storage for the inactive data, while keeping their mission-critical data on-premises for the highest levels of performance.

StorSimple Virtual Array for Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) enables partners to capitalize on this opportunity. The partners own the end-to-end customer lifecycle with direct provisioning, billing, and support of Microsoft’s cloud services. In short, the partners can now transact the StorSimple along with their services to customers.

For more information about StorSimple for CSP, visit the Azure CSP overview page.

For more information on billing, pricing, incentives, and getting support in CSP, go to StorSimple in CSP: FAQ.

Deploy and manage StorSimple for CSP

StorSimple for CSP is available as a usage-based service in all the markets where the StorSimple is available today. StorSimple for CSP uses the Azure portal and the StorSimple Device Manager service. A CSP partner can create a StorSimple Device Manager to manage StorSimple Virtual Arrays, shares, volumes, and backups. You can administer all the virtual arrays registered to your StorSimple Device Manager service via the Azure portal.

For more information, go to Deploy and manage your StorSimple Virtual Array for CSP.

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