Azure Stream Analytics configuration error codes

You can use activity logs and resource logs to help debug unexpected behaviors from your Azure Stream Analytics job. This article lists the description for every configuration error code. Configuration errors are related to your job configuration, or input and output configurations.


  • Cause: Event Hubs threw an Unauthorized Access error.


  • Cause: There's more than one Event Hubs receiver with different epoch values.
  • Recommendation: Ensure Service Bus Explorer or an EventProcessorHost application isn't connected while your Stream Analytics job is running.


  • Cause: Stream Analytics can't connect to a partition because the maximum number of allowed receivers per partition in a consumer group has been reached.
  • Recommendation: Ensure that other Stream Analytics jobs or Service Bus Explorer aren't using the same consumer group.


  • Cause: An error occurred while writing data to Event Hubs due to throttling.
  • Recommendation: If this happens consistently, upgrade the throughput.


  • Cause: The connection configuration provided is incorrect.
  • Recommendation: Correct the configuration and restart the job.


  • Cause: The Event Hubs host is unreachable.
  • Recommendation: Ensure the supplied host name is correct.


  • Cause: The Event Hubs sender encountered an unexpected partition count.
  • Recommendation: Restart your Stream Analytics job if the event hub's partition count has changed.


  • Cause: Stream Analytics couldn't find the partition key of a particular Azure Cosmos DB collection in the database.
  • Recommendation: Ensure there's a valid partition key specified for the collection in Azure Cosmos DB.


  • Cause: Thrown when a partition key is neither a leaf node nor at the top level.


  • Cause: The query output can't contain the column [id] if a different column is chosen as the primary key property.


  • Cause: Stream Analytics can't find an Azure Cosmos DB database.


  • Cause: Stream Analytics can't find a particular Azure Cosmos DB collection in a database.


  • Cause: An error occurred while writing data due to throttling by Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Recommendation: Upgrade the collection performance tier and tune the performance of your database.


  • Cause: The Stream Analytics job has encountered an authentication error.
  • Recommendation: Ensure that the SQL Database connection string is correct.


  • Cause: The Stream Analytics job has encountered an authentication error.
  • Recommendation: Ensure that the account name is configured properly and the job's Managed Identity has access to the SQL Database.


  • Cause: Stream Analytics can't find the schema information for a particular table.


  • Cause: SQL Database isn't supported.
  • Recommendation: Use dedicated SQL pool.

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