Managed identities for Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics currently allows you to authenticate to other Azure resources using managed identities. A common challenge when building cloud applications is credential management in your code to authenticate cloud services. Keeping the credentials secure is an important task. The credentials shouldn't be stored in developer workstations or checked into source control.

The Microsoft Entra managed identities for Azure resources feature solves this problem. The feature provides Azure services with an automatically managed identity in Microsoft Entra ID. This allows you to assign an identity to your Stream Analytics job which can then authenticate to any input or outputs that supports Microsoft Entra authentication, without any credentials. See managed identities for Azure resources overview page for more information about this service.

Managed identity types

Stream Analytics supports two types of managed identities:

  • System-assigned identity: When you enable a system-assigned managed identity for your job, you create an identity in Microsoft Entra ID that is tied to the lifecycle of that job. So when you delete the resource, Azure automatically deletes the identity for you.
  • User-assigned identity: You may also create a managed identity as a standalone Azure resource and assign it to your Stream Analytics job. In the case of user-assigned managed identities, the identity is managed separately from the resources that use it.


Regardless of the type of identity chosen, a managed identity is a service principal of a special type that may only be used with Azure resources. The corresponding service principal is automatically removed when the managed identity is deleted.

Connecting your job to other Azure resources using managed identity

Below is a table that shows Azure Stream Analytics inputs and outputs that support system-assigned managed identity or user-assigned managed identity:

Type  Adapter User-assigned managed identity System-assigned managed identity
Storage Account Blob/ADLS Gen 2 Yes Yes
Inputs Event Hubs Yes Yes
IoT Hubs No (available with a workaround: users can route events to Event Hubs) No
Blob/ADLS Gen 2 Yes Yes
Reference Data Blob/ADLS Gen 2 Yes Yes
SQL Yes Yes
Outputs Event Hubs Yes Yes
SQL Database Yes Yes
Blob/ADLS Gen 2 Yes Yes
Table Storage No No
Service Bus Topic Yes Yes
Service Bus Queue Yes Yes
Azure Cosmos DB Yes Yes
Power BI No Yes
Data Lake Storage Gen1 Yes Yes
Azure Functions No No
Azure Database for PostgreSQL No No
Azure Data Explorer Yes Yes
Azure Synapse Analytics Yes Yes

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