Set up alerts for Azure Stream Analytics jobs

It's important to monitor your Azure Stream Analytics job to ensure the job is running continuously without any problems. This article describes how to set up alerts for common scenarios that should be monitored.

You can define rules on metrics from Operation Logs data through the portal, as well as programmatically.

Set up alerts in the Azure portal

Get alerted when a job stops unexpectedly

The following example demonstrates how to set up alerts for when your job enters a failed state. This alert is recommended for all jobs.

  1. In the Azure portal, open the Stream Analytics job you want to create an alert for.

  2. On the Job page, navigate to the Monitoring section.

  3. Select Metrics, and then New alert rule.

    Azure portal Stream Analytics alerts setup

  4. Your Stream Analytics job name should automatically appear under RESOURCE. Click Add condition, and select All Administrative operations under Configure signal logic.

    Select signal name for Stream Analytics alert

  5. Under Configure signal logic, change Event Level to All and change Status to Failed. Leave Event initiated by blank and select Done.

    Configure signal logic for Stream Analytics alert

  6. Select an existing action group or create a new group. In this example, a new action group called TIDashboardGroupActions was created with an Emails action that sends an email to users with the Owner Azure Resource Manager Role.

    Setting up an alert for an Azure Streaming Analytics job

  7. The RESOURCE, CONDITION, and ACTION GROUPS should each have an entry. Note that in order for the alerts to fire, the conditions defined need to be met. For example, you can measure a metric's average value of over the last 15 minutes, every 5 minutes.

    Screenshot shows the Create rule dialog box with RESOURCE, CONDITION, and ACTION GROUP.

    Add an Alert rule name, Description, and your Resource Group to the ALERT DETAILS and click Create alert rule to create the rule for your Stream Analytics job.

    Screenshot shows the Create rule dialog box with ALERT DETAILS.

Next steps