Explore the Synapse Knowledge center

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the Synapse Studio Knowledge center.

Finding the Knowledge center

There are two ways of finding the Knowledge center in Synapse Studio:

  1. In the Home hub, near the top-right of the page, select Learn.
  2. In the menu bar at the top, select ? and then Knowledge center.

Pick either method and open the Knowledge center.

Exploring the Knowledge center

Once it's visible, you'll see that the Knowledge center allows you to do three things:

  • Use samples immediately. If you want a quick example of how Synapse works, choose this option.
  • Browse gallery. This option lets you link sample data sets and add sample code in the form of SQL scripts, notebooks, and pipelines.
  • Tour Synapse Studio. This option takes you on a brief tour of the basic parts of Synapse Studio. This is useful if you have never used Synapse Studio before.

Use samples immediately: Three samples to help you get started fast

There are three items in this section:

  • Explore sample data with Spark
  • Query data with SQL
  • Create external table with SQL
  1. In the Knowledge center, select Use samples immediately.
  2. Select Query data with SQL.
  3. Select Use sample.
  4. A new sample SQL script will open.
  5. Scroll to the first query (lines 28 to 32) and select the query text.
  6. select Run. It will run only code you have selected.
  1. Go to the Knowledge center, select Browse gallery.

  2. Select the SQL scripts tab at the top.

  3. Select Load the New York Taxicab dataset Data ingestion sample, select Continue.

  4. Under SQL pool, choose Select an existing pool and select SQLPOOL1, and select the SQLPOOL1 database you created earlier.

  5. Select Open Script.

  6. A new sample SQL script will open.

  7. Select Run

  8. This will create several tables for all of the NYC Taxi data and load them using the T-SQL COPY command. If you had created these tables in the previous quick start steps, select and execute only code to CREATE and COPY for tables that don't exist.


    When using the sample gallery for SQL script with a dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW), you will only be able to use an existing dedicated SQL pool (formerly SQL DW).

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