Integrate with pipelines

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to integrate pipelines and activities using Synapse Studio.

Create a pipeline and add a notebook activity

  1. In Synapse Studio, go to the Integrate hub.
  2. Select + > Pipeline to create a new pipeline. Click on the new pipeline object to open the Pipeline designer.
  3. Under Activities, expand the Synapse folder, and drag a Notebook object into the designer.
  4. Select the Settings tab of the Notebook activity properties. Use the drop-down list to select a notebook from your current Synapse workspace.

Schedule the pipeline to run every hour

  1. In the pipeline, select Add trigger > New/edit.
  2. In Choose trigger, select New, and set the Recurrence to "every 1 hour".
  3. Select OK.
  4. Select Publish All.

Forcing a pipeline to run immediately

Once the pipeline is published, you may want to run it immediately without waiting for an hour to pass.

  1. Open the pipeline.
  2. Click Add trigger > Trigger now.
  3. Select OK.

Monitor pipeline execution

  1. Go to the Monitor hub.
  2. Select Pipeline runs to monitor pipeline execution progress.
  3. In this view you can switch between tabular List display a graphical Gantt chart.
  4. Click on a pipeline name to see the status of activities in that pipeline.

Next steps