Striim Azure Synapse Analytics Marketplace Offering Install Guide

This quickstart assumes that you already have a pre-existing instance of Azure Synapse Analytics.

Search for Striim in the Azure Marketplace, and select the Striim for Data Integration to Azure Synapse Analytics (Staged) option

Install Striim

Configure the Striim VM with specified properties, noting down the Striim cluster name, password, and admin password

Configure Striim

Once deployed, click on <VM Name>-masternode in the Azure portal, click Connect, and copy the Login using VM local account

Connect Striim to Azure Synapse Analytics

Download the Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2 for SQL Server file to your local machine.

Open a command-line window, and change directories to where you downloaded the JDBC driver. SCP the driver file to your Striim VM, getting the address and password from the Azure portal.

Copy driver file to your VM

Open another command-line window, or use an ssh utility to ssh into the Striim cluster.

SSH into the cluster

Execute the following commands to move the file into Striim's lib directory, and start and stop the server.

  1. sudo su
  2. cd /tmp
  3. mv sqljdbc42.jar /opt/striim/lib
  4. systemctl stop striim-node
  5. systemctl stop striim-dbms
  6. systemctl start striim-dbms
  7. systemctl start striim-node

Start the Striim cluster

Now, open your favorite browser and navigate to <DNS Name>:9080

Navigate to the login screen

Log in with the username and the password you set up in the Azure portal, and select your preferred wizard to get started, or go to the Apps page to start using the drag and drop UI

Log in with server credentials