Tutorial: Assign roles in Trusted Signing

The Trusted Signing service has a few service-specific roles in addition to the standard Azure roles. Use Azure role-based access control (RBAC) to assign user and group roles for the Trusted Signing-specific roles.

In this tutorial, you review Trusted Signing supported roles. Then, you assign roles to your Trusted Signing account in the Azure portal.

Supported roles for Trusted Signing

The following table lists the roles that Trusted Signing supports, including what each role can access within the service’s resources:

Role Manage and view account Manage certificate profiles Sign by using a certificate profile View signing history Manage role assignment Manage identity validation
Trusted Signing Identity Verifier x
Trusted Signing Certificate Profile Signer x x
Owner x x x
Contributor x x
Reader x
User Access Admin x

The Trusted Signing Identity Verifier role is required to manage identity validation requests, which you can do only in the Azure portal, and not by using the Azure CLI. The Trusted Signing Certificate Profile Signer role is required to successfully sign by using Trusted Signing.

Assign roles

  1. In the Azure portal, go to your Trusted Signing account. On the resource menu, select Access Control (IAM).

  2. Select the Roles tab and search for Trusted Signing. The following figure shows the two custom roles.

    Screenshot that shows the Azure portal UI and the Trusted Signing custom RBAC roles.

  3. To assign these roles, select Add, and then select Add role assignment. Follow the guidance in Assign roles in Azure to assign the relevant roles to your identities.

    To create a Trusted Signing account and certificate profile, you must be assigned at least the Contributor role.

  4. For more granular access control on the certificate profile level, you can use the Azure CLI to assign roles. You can use the following commands to assign the Trusted Signing Certificate Profile Signer role to users and service principals to sign files:

    az role assignment create --assignee <objectId of user/service principle> 
    --role "Trusted Signing Certificate Profile Signer" 
    --scope "/subscriptions/<subscriptionId>/resourceGroups/<resource-group-name>/providers/Microsoft.CodeSigning/trustedSigningAccounts/<trustedsigning-account-name>/certificateProfiles/<profileName>"